First Semester, A.Y. 2015-2016

posted Jul 9, 2015, 5:07 AM by Nic Guinto
Image courtesy of Panoramio
I wish to formally welcome you to yet another great semester!  If you have been instructed to read this, it means that you are one of my Communication, Education, Engineering, and Psychology students enrolled in my ED05a: Principles of Teaching and Media Technology, ENG00: Vocabulary Building and Communicative Grammar, ENG02: Writing in the Discipline or ENG01: Study and Thinking Skills in English classes.

If you belong to my ENG02 class, please be informed that you are REQUIRED to be a member of our online writing class through Facebook groups. The link on the Facebook Group will be available soon. 

Writers' Bloc: FB Group exclusive to Psychology students taking Writing in the Discipline

For my ENG02a class, as early as now, I would like you to think of a possible project proposal that you will write about as your terminal paper for the class.

If you're one of my students in ENG00, ENG01, and ENG02a, please prepare P 150 as payment for your module. The module is a required material because most of the written activities in class are to be answered in the pages of the module. If you have problems on finances, you can approach me and we could set an agreement on your payment terms.

If you are one of my ED05a students, I'd like you to channel your thoughts on becoming a professional teacher. That way, it wouldn't be so hard for you to do teaching-related tasks and demonstration teaching (to be done individually during the final term).

Feel free to explore this website as some announcements and important documents will be posted here under Important RemindersClass Announcement, or Forms and Docs.

Please give me a few more days to complete our class calendar and possible reading lists to complement our face-to-face class sessions. The outcomes-based education (OBE) syllabus can be downloaded in the Forms and Docs tab.

Viel Gluck, jedermann! Ich bin froh, Sie zu treffen!