Instructions for ENG03a Paper (Chapter III)

posted Feb 25, 2013, 6:40 AM by Nicky Guinto
DATE POSTED: February 25, 2013  |  10:20PM

Due to my accidental removal of myself from our FB group, I have opted to post this announcement here.

The College of Arts and Sciences will be holding a whole day seminar on an environmental topic, and yes, this means we don't have class since all faculty members are required to be there. However you are hereby advised to the following:

1. Submit your Chapter II: Review of Related Literature and Studies tomorrow, February 26, 2013, as early as you can. I will try my best to check your papers while in the seminar. I urge that only one among you will submit the papers so as it wouldn't be a hassle on my part to go in and out whenever you text me. And yes, the person to whom you will entrust all your papers should send me a text message when he/she is already outside the CAS Hamlet hall.

2. Take your Chapter 1 from my pigeon hole outside the faculty room (if they are already there. If you can't find your paper there, that means I still have them. I will leave all the papers of those groups who were able to submit their Ch. 1 last week before I leave tomorrow. Once you get them, and if I manage to finish checking your chapter II, you may proceed to rewriting them.

I do want to discuss the doodles I made in your papers, but I guess that would be reserved for next week, which leaves you deciphering what I might mean by them. Nevertheless, I tried my best to be as clear as possible on the comments. And besides, there are things that I guess I need to clarify regarding how to write Chapter I.

3. For this week, you are advised to write your Chapter III: Methodology (for research papers) and Technical Feasibility and Financial Feasibility (for Feasibility Study). I will write a new post within the week to serve as guide in writing them. But of course, this doesn't mean that you will wait for my post before your start writing them. Resources are abound the library and the web.

Viel Glück!