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ENG03a Prelim Activity

posted Nov 29, 2012, 12:59 PM by Nicky Guinto   [ updated Nov 30, 2012, 7:33 AM ]

Posted on November 30, 2012

General Instructions:

Perform the following activities individually and with a group.

If you have questions or other concerns, you may comment on the post in the group and I'll try my best to respond to your query/concern as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that this is most likely the first and last quiz/ activity paper I might give for the preliminary term. Failure to comply with this requirement might pose a serious threat to your prelim grade.

Good luck! :)

Individual Activity

Directions. Locate a document on the web (e.g.-Website homepage, online technical pamphlet, etc.) that you believe to be an example of technical communication. Critique about or describe the aspects of the document that illustrate the characteristics of technical communication discussed in the lecture (in a maximum of 2 pages). Then evaluate the effectiveness of the document. You may draw from different fields of knowledge to support your claims. Write your response in the form of reply letter addressed to your professor (handwritten in a letter-sized paper). Submit a print-out of the document (or representative portions of it) as an attachment/ enclosure.



     a. You will be graded according to the following criteria: 

                Content (i.e.- depth of the critique) - 50% 

                Format (i.e.-formal letter, page nos.) - 20% 

                Presentation (e.g.-arrangement of info) - 30%

        b. The ideal number of words in a formal letter is 200 words or less.

        c. Estimated Time of Completion: 1 hour


Group Activity

(for BE-GJ, I’m giving you the liberty to select your group mates or work individually since I failed to announce the grouping in our last meeting. However, one group should be strictly composed of not more than seven (7) members.)


Directions. Recently, the news about the legal disputes between Samsung and Apple across different countries in the world has been widely discussed in the web, reaching its peak when the US court released its verdict. With your knowledge on ethical and legal considerations in technical communication, and with the help of research, analyze and critique on the most significant claims of both parties guided by these subheadings:


                Background (a paragraph or two discussion of the issue, objectives of the analysis)

                Ethical Concerns

                Legal Concerns


                References (using the APA format)


                This analysis should be done in a standard memo format. The memo should not exceed three (3) pages and should include your company name and logo in the letterhead. At this point, I urge you to read about some information on the issue in question as early as now (while documenting what you have read in the process) so as you can easily contribute information to your team while brainstorming.


Estimated Time of Completion: 

                        2 hours

                        (1 ½ hour for brainstorming, and rough drafting; ½ hour finalizing)


DATE OF SUBMISSION: December 10, 2012 before the class begins

(failure to submit would mean a grade of zero)