Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics

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Faculty Information & Profile


Manzanilla, Shiela M.
Associate Professor II
Ph.D. in English, MLQU
MA in English Language Teaching (Acad), PNU Manila
MA in English Language Teaching, MLQU
BSEd English, SLPC
Specialization: English, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Semantics, Rhetorics


Abuel, Arsenia A.
Assistant Professor IV
Ph.D. in English, MSEUF
MAT Reading, PNU Manila
Specialization: English, Reading Education

Caja, Clarita A.
Assistant Professor I
MAEd Filipino, MSEUF
BSEd Filipino, SLPC
Specialization: Filipino Linguistics

Devanadera, Aprillete C.
Instructor I
MA in Applied Linguistics, SLSU
AB Journalism, PUP Manila
Specialization: Journalism, English & Applied Linguistics

Fraginal, Khristalyn V.
Instructor I
Master in Communication, PUP-OUS Manila
BA Communication, SLSU
Specialization: Development Communication, Japanese Language (Nihonngo)

Guinto, Nicanor L.
Instructor III
MA in English Studies: Language, UP-Diliman
BSEd English, SLSU
Specialization: Theoretical & Applied English Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, German (Deutsch)

Mopera, Marites A.
Assistant Professor I
Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (ongoing), PNU Manila
MA in Applied Linguistics, SLSU
BSEd English, SLSU
Specialization: Morphology & Syntax, Language Teaching, English

Nada, Maria Gloria B.
Instructor I
MA in Applied Linguistics, SLSU
AB Literature, FEU
Specialization: Literature, Sociolinguistics

Oblena, Natalia Z.
Assistant Professor II
MAT Applied Linguistics, SLPC
BSE English, SLPC
Specialization: English, Applied Linguistics

Oblefias, Virginia B.
Associate Professor V
Ph.D. Mathematics Education, CEU
MAT Mathematics, SLPC
BSE Mathematics, UE
Specialization: Statistics, Mathematics

Radovan, Julia Lea B.
Associate Professor IV
Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics [Dissertation], DLSU Manila
MAEd English, MSEUF
Specialization: English Linguistics, English for Specific Purposes

Villaverde, Brian D.
Instructor II
Master in Communication, PUP-OUS Manila
BA Communication, SLSU
Specialization: Communication Management, Chinese (Mandarin)

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